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Upon release, the game was praised by journalists as an excellent remake. The Wii version divided opinion, with some critics praising the use of motion controls and other faulting their implementation. While it reached high positions in sales charts, the game sold 1.

The next release, 's Tomb Raider: Underworld , was developed alongside Anniversary for a new engine. Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a single-player action-adventure game where the player controls the protagonist, Lara Croft , from a third-person perspective, through fourteen levels set across four locations around the world. Other abilities include interacting with objects and switches, using a grappling hook to latch onto special rings for both puzzle solving and environmental traversal, and swim and dive underwater for a limited time.

Different button combinations can create more moves such as a roll and swan dive. Puzzles block progress through the levels until Lara solves them by activating switches or finding and using keys hidden within the area.

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These involve avoiding traps and timed environmental elements. During combat, Lara automatically locks on to enemies and fires with her equipped gun, with the player able to switch to another target within range and move freely to avoid enemy attacks.

Linux/SteamOS port :: Tomb Raider: Anniversary General Discussions

Tougher enemies become enraged and charge at Lara after being shot a number of times. When they close in, time slows and Lara can dodge the incoming attack, allowing her time to counterattack. A special attack triggered during this time is a head shot when two targeting reticles overlap; a head shot kills a standard enemy and deals high damage to boss characters.

The Wii port carries over the levels and general gameplay of the other versions, while incorporating motion controls. Wii-exclusive puzzles include breaking through walls with a pickaxe, using a flash light in dark areas, assembling mechanisms from pieces found around the environment, manipulating symbol-based locks, and using paper and charcoal to take rubbings of puzzle-related symbols.

Motion controls are used for puzzle elements unique to the Wii version, some aspects of platforming, and free aiming in combat. British archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft is approached by mercenary Larson Conwey, who is employed by wealthy businesswoman Jacqueline Natla. Natla hires Lara to find the Scion of Atlantis , an ancient artefact originally sought by Lara's father Richard Croft.

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  • It is buried in the tomb of Atlantean ruler Qualopec within the lost city of Vilcabamba. Making her way through Vicabamba to Qualopec's tomb, Lara discovers that there are three pieces of the Scion, divided between Atlantis' Triumvirate. Escaping the tomb, she is confronted by Larson, sent by Natla to take Lara's piece of the Scion. After beating him in a fight, he reveals that Natla has sent her rival Pierre Dupont to retrieve the next piece.

    Breaking into Natla's offices, Lara discovers a video showing the next Scion piece's resting place in Greece beneath a building called St Frances' Folly. Navigating the catacombs beneath St Frances' Folly, Lara finds the tomb of Tihocan, another member of the Triumvirate, that led the survivors of Atlantis after a betrayal caused the city's destruction. Pierre steals the Scion piece, but he is killed by guardian centaurs outside the tomb. After defeating the centaurs and joining both pieces of the Scion, Lara has a vision which reveals that the third and final piece of the Scion was hidden in Egypt after the third member of the Triumvirate—the traitor which sank Atlantis—was captured by Tihocan and Qualopec.

    Recovering the third Scion piece, Lara assembles the Scion and sees the rest of the vision, revealing Natla to be the betrayer. Emerging from her vision, Lara is ambushed by Natla, who takes the Scion. Lara escapes Natla's henchmen—with silent help from Larson—and stows away aboard Natla's boat, which arrives at an uncharted volcanic island holding an Atlantean pyramid filled with her monstrous creations.

    Lara is forced to kill Larson when he will not back down, which greatly disturbs her. Fighting Natla's remaining henchmen and navigating the pyramid, Lara confronts Natla, who offers her a place in the new Triumvirate and access to the Scion's knowledge to complete Richard's quest for knowledge. Lara instead shoots the Scion and sends Natla plummeting into a pool of lava, triggering a chain reaction that begins destroying the pyramid.

    After a final confrontation with a severely injured but still powerful Natla, ending after she is crushed by a pillar, Lara escapes the exploding island and sails away in Natla's boat. Tomb Raider is the first game in the titular franchise , and introduced the series' gameplay standards and its protagonist Lara Croft.

    Their sixth Tomb Raider game Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness was beset by developmental problems and rushed to release, resulting in low sales and mixed critical reception.

    The game's failure and Core Design's fatigue with the series prompted franchise publisher Eidos Interactive to move development of Tomb Raider to the American studio Crystal Dynamics , who rebooted the franchise with Tomb Raider: Legend. A remake of the original Tomb Raider to commemorate the game's tenth anniversary was proposed by Core Design, who at the time were working on Free Running. They received permission from Eidos to create the remake, and began development in late for a release during the holiday season. According to staff, the game was at an advanced development stage.

    During production, Eidos asked Core Design to adjust Lara's model to more closely match that used in Legend. Following the success of Legend , Crystal Dynamics were requested by Eidos to develop their own remake of the original Tomb Raider. Another reason for developing Anniversary over a new game was to help celebrate the series' tenth anniversary and create a "compelling gameplay experience" by remaking the first game rather than creating a new title.

    When designing Anniversary , the team emphasised creating the game first before making adjustments to keep paper documentation to a minimum in favour of face-to-face conversations. To facilitate a smooth process, the team created a merit-based "democratic" environment where ideas could be put forward by other team members.

    Toby Gard , one of the original designers and Lara's credited creator, acted as story designer; the script and dialogue were written by Matt Ragghianti. One of the aims with Anniversary was to flesh out the narrative and tie it into the continuity of Legend. Keeley Hawes , Lara's voice actress in Legend , reprised her role for Anniversary. The aim was to make her appealing while staying true to her original portrayal.

    The moment where Lara kills Larson was written to show Lara crossing a moral line and killing a person for the first time in pursuit of her goals. Natla's other henchmen were also reimagined to be more realistic, with Lara's confrontation with them being an intense battle following the emotional scene with Larson. As described by art director Andrew Wood, one of the team's starting points was taking the most memorable moments from Tomb Raider and recreating them in Anniversary on a grander and more detailed scale. When designing each environment, the art team would first create them with a low colour palate and desaturated lighting to increase their realism.

    They would then add colourful elements such as foliage, combining that with different types of lighting. Changing levels of light and darkness as Lara explored each location were used to convey a sense of mystery. The gameplay was condensed into a smaller area compared to the original, which spread its puzzles and platforming through adjoining caves. The main difference was in its scale and variety. As part of their research for Anniversary , the developers played through the original game multiple times, pinpointing its characteristic and iconic elements that needed to be carried over into the remake.

    Much of the original game's focus on item collection and pulling switches was included, but the developers tried not to rely on this style too much, adding more variety with physics-based puzzles and environmental set pieces. An element they took into consideration was criticism of Legend ' s linear environments, with Anniversary being built with a philosophy of branching paths and an emphasis on exploration. This style was possible due to it being a core part of the original game.

    Lara's original inventory was also carried over from Tomb Raider , removing some of the tools introduced in Legend. The village was rebuilt to be better portray Vilcabamba's now-extinct civilisation. This theme of expansion continued through the rest of the areas. The music for Anniversary was written by Troels Brun Folmann , who had previously created the score for Legend ; a lot of Folmann's work revolved around reworking and expanding the original game's themes.

    The goal for Folmann was to translate the music into an evolved version for Anniversary while remaining faithful to the original. The sound team wished only to use a traditional symphonic style; the use of strings, brass, woodwinds percussion and choirs combined with the "classic" settings used in the game.

    This purely orchestral approach carried over into the cutscenes.

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    • All of the thematic elements from Tomb Raider , including the choir segments, were present in the new score. The existence of Anniversary was hinted at by Eidos staff member Ian Livingstone during an interview shortly after the release of Legend in May While the conversion was successful, LaMar described the process as "primarily a brute-force approach". Due to fan demand, the team created an Xbox port. To reach release as soon as possible, the version was originally planned as a series of downloadable segments through the Xbox Live Arcade , with a later full retail release. To download, players needed a copy of Legend for the , which was explained by Eidos as a means of bringing the game to players as quickly as possible.

      Anniversary was the first Tomb Raider title for the Wii, developed to expand Eidos's game catalogue into new Nintendo consoles.

      Tomb Raider Anniversary - Walkthrough - Part 1 [No commentary]

      Instead of making Lara invincible, you can add just a few medi-packs, a weapon or some ammo, a key you missed, or just a little extra air when Lara needs it. The position editor lets you reposition her anywhere in a level, for fun or to avoid danger. The Music of Tomb Raider has collected the definitive soundracks for all the games. Visit their Community Discography page for details and downloads. Tomb Raider Downloads. Custom Search.

      tomb raider anniversary no cd crack pc

      It also includes a built-in launcher for the Unfinished Business expansion pack. Glidos quickly and easily installs the game and allows you to configure it with various sound and graphics enhancements, including full compatibility with the Tomb Raider Xtra high-res texture packs. Glidos also works with the GOG and Steam downloads. For details, downloads and instructions, visit Glidos.

      Includes many additional features improved graphics, high-quality FMV movies, high-res texture packs. Instructions are included in the 'readme' text file accompanying the download. If they are still present they will now be removeable due to the action of the RegDelNull utility. Open a Windows command prompt and change directory to "c:windowssystem32".

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